Rules & Regulations

North American Young Jumper Development Program



 1. All horses must be recorded with USEF & USHJA.

2. Horses must be recorded with the VHSA and owners must be members of the VHSA to be eligible for the Hyperion Stud VHSA Year End Award.

3. The program is for horses aged four or five. (For example: If a horse's foaling date is 2010 that horse is eligible in 2014 and 2015.)

4. NAYJDP will follow USE Age Verification Rules. (See USEF Rule Book JP 116 section 1)

5. NAYJDP will also accept age verification in the form of a Birth Certificate from the attending Veterinarian at the time of the horse’s birth or within 72 hours of birth. This documentation must be written on the attending Veterinarian’s professional letterhead including date and signature.
(A birth certificate is not currently a verified form of age with USEF)

6. Horses are not restricted from jumping in other classes except where prize money exceeds $25,000 or more, unless it’s an Age Restricted class.

7. Class Fees not to exceed the following:

         a. Unrated Shows: $12/class
         b. Rated Shows:
                 i. $45/class
(applies to Intro to Show Jumping and Style Classes)
                 ii. $100/class
(applies to Rising Star Stakes Class)

8. NO Nomination Fee 


Standing & Running Martingales are permitted

Support wraps on front and hind legs permitted 

No Double Bridles permitted

No draw reins permitted

No weighted or performance enhancing boots permitted (See USEF Rule JP 116 Sec. 2) 

Horses in violation of any rules will be eliminated from the competition on the day of the infraction